All trees for this year have already been sold!
Please contact Susie Ellik at 780-781-6856 to reserve your tree for next year!

As fruit trees grow and produce fruit they become a fixture of the future. Each tree will not only provide healthy fruit for the Round Hill Community and surrounding area, but will showcase beautiful flowers in the spring, clean the air, and provide a rich educational resource for local children for many years. 

Tree sponsorship is a living tribute and can be done in honour, memory or celebration of a loved one or on behalf of a family or individual.

Each sponsorship includes a 5-6 foot tall fruit tree and a beautiful customizable marker on the tree. 

Each tree will be planted and cared for with the love of the RHRAF community but nature can challenge even the best intentions. Trees will be guaranteed for one full year to allow it to establish roots and stand strong.

Within the first year, trees will be replaced by RHRAF if necessary.