Binzebo Project

What do you do with metal grain bins that are mangled after blowing over in a wind, or are no longer adequate to store harvested grain? You re-purpose them and they become the binzebo that you see on the Renaissance Foundation’s property.

After brainstorming ideas on how to create an outdoor focal point that would serve the community and could be used for outdoor classes, the RHRAF board was drawn to the idea of a gazebo type structure with an agricultural twist. Bins were donated by the Helmut and Renate Dierks and David and Karmen Bowal families. Harlee Seed Farms of Tofield donated the bin mover. Banack Farms provided the zoom boom to dismantle the structures and lift the roofs onto wooden pillars. Ivan Tessman donated his services to dig the post holes. A crew of 5 volunteers assisted the contractor Perry Domres in positioning the bin roofs atop their present location.

Additional plans being considered are gravel for the floors, a fire pit, and some type of screening to shield the communal areas from the winds. This new structure has the potential to become a canvas on which to depict the use of the land, first by the Indigenous Peoples, followed by our agriculturally focused forefathers and finally to portray our current vision as stewards of the land.

Upon completion the binzebo will be suitable for community and private events and will be utilized by the school as an outdoor classroom space.