Farm to Cafeteria at Round Hill School

Round Hill School has just become one of 33 schools across Canada to receive a 2022 Farm to School Canada Grant. We are one of 166 other schools that have received grants from Farm to Cafeteria Canada since 2016. These grants are offered in partnership with Whole Kids foundation, these grants are valued at up to $10,000 and are open to all K-12 schools across Canada. (Round Hill School received $10 000!!) The grants create opportunities for students to access healthy, local food at school and participate in hands-on learning that connects them to the local food system and community members involved in it. Farm to Cafeteria (F2CC) is a partnership-based organization with a vision for vibrant and sustainable regional food systems that supports the health of people and the planet. F2CC works toward this vision by providing resources and support to school communities to connect students to their food, and the land and waters it comes from by preparing, harvesting, growing, cooking, preserving - and eating - healthy, local food at school. To learn more about the Farm to School movement in Canada, and how its connecting students with food and the systems that produce it, visit
How this impacts Round Hill School is yet to be fully determined but it will involve purchasing food from surrounding farms and businesses, teaching kids financial management and having the students help with the preparation of their twice-monthly community meals. Our vision is to gradually have our older students plan, finance and help prepare lunches. More information about this grant will come out in September.
(Round Hill School Newsletter)