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In 2021 we were leased a 3.57 acre parcel of land opposite Round Hill School by Camrose County. On this piece of bare land we are creating a foodscape. A community gathering space, a garden, a food forest, a shelter belt, a place to educate and teach our children about growing their own food by taking care of the land and water.

We plan to use the space to celebrate our community and culture through food, and to provide food for the people that live in the Round Hill community.

This is our first year, and we'd love to show you what we have been doing, and what we plan for the future.

  • Tour the startup food forest, shelter belt and community garden.

  • Learn about fruit and vegetable production.

  • Experience weeding and harvesting, and take home a veggie bag of whatever is ready that day.

Email to book a tour rhraf2020@gmail.com or Call Taren at 780-870-7558

Map showing our location is in the Contact Us page.