The Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation (RHRAF) was created by the community of Round Hill in 2020. In September 2020, the Foundation was incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta.

The idea for the Foundation began back in February 2020, when the parents and community of Round Hill made a proposal to Battle River School Division to develop an Agriculture based learning program within Round Hill School.

Despite delays due to the Covid19 pandemic, the development of a school-based program is now underway. A 5-year lease on a 3.58-acre parcel of land was secured opposite the school, a large community garden was planted in 2021 and plans for a food forest and agricultural learning centre began. The intention of providing educational opportunities not only for Round Hill School, but also for other educational institutions and beyond. The focus of the food forest is to build community, to embrace culture around food and agriculture, and to address food insecurity in the Round Hill area.

The Foundation is in its infancy and is currently being driven by a small group of community members. The group is in the process of establishing an operational structure and guidelines.

"Hope is what you cultivate." Dr. Vandana Shiva


For the Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation to be recognized as a focal point for integrating agri-food and educational partnerships.


The Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation is a volunteer, innovative, networking group who encourages:

1. Connecting people through food

2. Facilitating collaborative partnerships

3. Educating to inspire


1. To promote educational and entrepreneurial learning opportunities for rural and urban youth.

2. To promote sustainable agricultural practices to enhance food security.

3. To connect our community and culture through food.

"In a time when the land is being exploited and our eco-system is in crisis, we need to fully understand our relationship to, and responsibilities to, the land."

Dr. Alex Wilson (2012, September-October) Learning from the Land. Cottage North, page 11-12